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She Loves You, Yes, Yes, Yes
That’s what Paul’s father suggested after hearing Paul and John sing him the song in the family’s home before it was recorded. He thought “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” sounded too American. What home, you ask? Why, 20 Forthlin Road in south Liverpool, of course.

Abbey Road Cover
Only six photos were snapped that day. YouTube has several clips of people recreating the cover pose.

Eight Days a Week
A chauffeur was driving Paul to John's house one day. Paul asked him if he had been busy lately. The driver replied: "Busy? I've been working eight days a week."

Meet the Wife
In the song, “Good Morning, Good Morning,” John sings:

   People running round it's five o'clock
   Everywhere in town is getting dark
   Everyone you see is full of life
   It's time for tea and meet the wife

“Meet the Wife” was a British sitcom in the 1960s starring Freddy Frinton as the hapless husband and Thora Hird as the spouse-in-charge. For a YouTube clip, search for “meet the wife tv series.” John watched lots of TV throughout his life. I’m sure he would have loved YouTube.